I bless you, dear partners, in Jesus’ mighty name!  I hope your Christmas holiday was truly a blessing for you and your family.  Recently, our Ministry conducted a wonderful Crusade and Leader’s Conference in the nation of Myanmar.  Myanmar has a long history interwoven with the history of Buddhism. Today, out of a population of 52 million, over 80% are Buddhist.

During our Crusade, many people repented of their sins and received Christ as their Lord and Savior—Hallelujah!  Imagine the rejoicing in heaven over the saving of these souls—what a joy and privilege it is to be part of soul-winning evangelism like this!  One powerful highlight was when eleven of these new believers—from a tribe which our team was told had never before been penetrated by the Gospel—were so desperate to know more about the Word of God, and their new faith in Jesus Christ, that they came to our team’s hotel after the Crusade and stayed to be discipled until 2 a.m.!  They were the first believers from this very tight-knit Buddhist tribe—this truly was amazing excitement for all of our team.  Our team encouraged them, as they told our team that they believed they would indeed be persecuted and ostracized when they returned to their village.  Many questions in the Bible were answered for them and they were connected with the local churches that would be their new family, providing them strength and growth.  To see their eyes, hear their joy and deep longing for spiritual food, and feel their commitment to a life that they know will bring great opposition, was a moving experience that our team will never forget. 


We love seeing holy hunger for Jesus and the Word of God in people, and this special group of new believers were overflowing with it!

In the words of our Crusade Director: “This was a great, awesome Crusade!  Many accepted Jesus Christ as personal Savior, and many were physically healed and delivered from evil spirits!  We saw many miracles, and the Holy Spirit moved strongly—Hallelujah!”
Next month, I will be preaching a Crusade in a huge, Muslim nation in Asia.  Please pray for abundant Harvest for Jesus!  Have a blessed month in Him…

For the Lost,
Dr. Kevin Wagner, D.Min.