Dear Friends of the Harvest, 

Have I got some stories for you! Last month, I preached Revivals in 2 different cities in Cuba. From the start, we knew it was going to be an amazing week—a week of divine appointments! We were the last to leave the airport when we arrived in Cuba. When we saw our friends outside, I did what I typically do—I yelled “Hallelujah” loudly! That’s when the fun began. A lady came up to me and said, “Are you a Christian?” Enthusiastically, I said, “Yes,” and she said, “Well, I have something for you!”  She had smuggled Bibles into Cuba, and gave them to us to give away that week! Here’s who we gave them to…

We preached during the day to 500 local evangelists. At one of the meetings, as soon as I was done preaching, a woman was brought to me. She told me this story: “I live a long way from this church. I came into town today to buy a special gift for my 17-year-old son who was not feeling well. Shortly after I bought the gift, I dropped it and it broke! I was on the bus home, crying because of what had happened. Then one of the evangelists from your conference saw me crying and asked me what was wrong. I told her, and she invited me to come to this church with her. Now I’m here!” I then asked her if she had ever repented of her sins and received Jesus as her Savior. She said, “No,” but that she wanted to! She immediately repented and was saved! I gave her one of the smuggled Bibles for herself, and one for her son. I told her to tell him that this is the best gift he could ever receive, and she agreed!  

Later that morning, I had just finished my message that had included a word against the sin of homosexuality. The front doors of the church were open and my message could be heard outside the church walls. I sat down and then saw a commotion. The interpreter told me what was happening: A well-known lesbian in the city, in her 20s, was standing outside the church, in the park across the street. She heard my message, was convicted of her sin, and began walking up the aisle of the church! As she got closer to the altar, more and more people saw who it was and began praising the Lord! She repented of her sins and received Jesus right there at the front of the church--with hundreds of overjoyed Evangelists surrounding her! I spoke with her later as she ate lunch with us, and gave her one of the smuggled Bibles as a gift. She came back later that night to the Revival meeting and got filled with the Holy Spirit! The women of the church loved on her and she left with a whole new wardrobe from the women, signifying her new life in Christ.

The 1st night of the Revival, a young couple came forward to give their hearts to Jesus. They told me that they felt a strong demonic presence in their home. I prayed against that, in Jesus’ name. The 2nd night, they introduced me to their 2 young daughters. The younger one was shrieking and cowered in fear whenever I got near her. They said she had been tormented with nightmares. I prayed against those. The 3rd night, that same little girl came running to greet me, threw her arms around me and was absolutely filled with the joy of Jesus—totally delivered from the demons that had been oppressing her! I gave them one of the smuggled Bibles to signify the household salvation that had come to their home!

Another night, one young mom came to the Revival. She gave her heart to Jesus that night! When she testified, she said that she was planning on committing suicide, but now Jesus has given her a reason to live! We gave her one of the smuggled Bibles to help feed her new life in Christ.

And on the last night, a woman in her 20s began manifesting a demon during the Revival. We prayed deliverance over her, and Jesus set her free! Her story is amazing. We found out that the night before at the Revival, her father gave his heart to Jesus—and he was a warlock! This precious woman had been literally dedicated to the Devil as a child, but Jesus set her free from a life of bondage! I sent her home with one of the smuggled Bibles that night. 

 Friends, these are just some of the 211 souls, of the thousands who attended every night, who were gloriously saved by Jesus in Cuba last month! The Lord is moving in a mighty way across the world and we are so thankful to be part of it! Thank you for your diligent prayers and continued financial support that helps make stories like this happen. Together we are winning this world for Jesus!

For the Lost,

Dr. Kevin Wagner, D.Min.