“He’s completely healed!” “What?” I responded. “Are you serious?” “Yes,” they replied, “The doctors are amazed. God has done a miracle!”

For the third year in a row I have had the privilege of traveling to Reynosa, Mexico and ministering with an incredible Church down there. Last year when I was there ministering I met the Reyna family. The Reyna daughters came up to me and introduced themselves. We began to talk and then they asked me for prayer, not for themselves but for their father. Their father had started losing his vision and getting headaches and they didn’t know why, until he visited the doctor. The doctors confirmed their fear: he had a brain tumor. The prognosis was not good and the doctors expected him to lose his eyesight, or even worse. They came to one of our services and as I preached about Jesus and His power to heal, their faith began to grow to believe that Jesus could heal their father. At the end of service they approached me and explained the situation and asked if I would pray for their father. I laid my hands on him and together we believed for a miracle.

Last week I returned to that same church and I saw the Reyna family. The whole family, Mr. Reyna included, was there in the service. After the service the Reyna family approached me and shared the words I shared with you at the beginning of this newsletter: “He’s completely healed! Our father is healed!” They recounted to me that after we had prayed they continued to stand in faith and believe for a miracle in their father’s body. The doctors were amazed to find that miraculously the tumor had started to shrink and before they knew it, the tumor was completely gone! Now a year later I had returned to hear about this amazing miracle and rejoice with the Reyna family for the goodness of God in their lives!

I love hearing stories like this because it shows the long-lasting fruit of the evangelistic work that we do. Our trips are quick and we certainly see the Lord do so many amazing things in only a brief time, but we will never truly know the lasting impact of the ministry until Heaven. And yet, this story is just one example of how the Lord continues to work long after we leave.

This trip to Mexico was an incredible trip. We preached at a youth camp, church services, a youth conference and a Christian school. In all of these services Michelle led worship in both English and Spanish. We had so many amazing testimonies of students coming to know Jesus or men and women who were touched by the power of the Holy Spirit. It was a privilege to minister from old to young as Michelle even got to teach children from 3-5 years old about the importance of sharing Jesus with their family and friends.

I recently spoke to a friend of mine in Tulsa, OK whose family is from Reynosa, Mexico. She and her family have not been to Reynosa in over a decade because of its danger as a border town where gangs run rampant and drugs and arms are trafficked. We understand the risks involved in going to these types of places, but we are compelled to preach the Gospel wherever the Lord leads us and I thank God for the opportunity to do so where stories like that of the Reyna family are made possible. Thank you for your constant prayers and financial support that allows us to fulfill Christ’s Great Commission. Together we are evangelizing the lost and empowering the local church!

For the Lost,