Dear Friends, 

          I have great news for you, Ministry friends and partners: Jesus is on the move in North Africa! Because of security reasons, I can’t tell you the exact location I preached last month, but I can tell you this: It is a nation where Believers live with the daily reality of potential persecution—even death—at the hands of ISIS and other militant followers of the false religion of Islam. In spite of this, I preached a great Revival there last month, where many were saved and healed by Jesus—Hallelujah! I also taught a Leader’s Conference where key Christian leaders came from as far away as the nation of Jordan to be equipped by the Word of God and filled with the Holy Ghost, that they might be instruments of nation-changing Revival where they live. I also preached at our Student Leadership Conference to key men and women of God from Universities in the region, equipping them too to be instruments of the Spiritual Awakening with which Jesus wants to flood all of Muslim North Africa!

          I was so thrilled with what I see the Lord doing in this unreached part of our world, that I intend to travel to another Gospel-starved city in this nation soon for another similar Revival. Please pray that by then, public, open Crusade Meetings will be legalized, as the church I preached in was overflowing with people hungry for the truth of Jesus! I truly believe that a Spiritual Awakening in North Africa is imminent, and you are a part of it, as you send me with your finances, and uplift me with your prayers! Even as the Western world is abandoning its Christian roots at an astonishing rate, previously unreached areas of our world--like North Africa--are ready to burst forth in repentance and faith in Jesus!

          As I write this, Evangelist Daniel is still preaching and ministering on his month-long Ministry trip to Tanzania. We are so proud of him, and ask that you would please continue to lift him up in prayer, that Tanzania too may be saved! Next month, we will report to you all that Jesus did through him in that needy nation. Have a blessed month, my friends, filled with Holy Ghost love and power…