Dear Friends of the Harvest: 

          Thank you so much for praying for our recent Revival in 2 remote cities in southern Egypt! Jesus used your prayers mightily to impact many lives for the Kingdom. I preached 11 services in 6 days. One night was a Teen Revival. Another day was a Children’s Revival. And every day and night, the churches were packed with hungry believers in that Muslim nation, eager for a touch from Jesus Christ—the one true God!

          Let me tell you one story among the many. I was walking through the desert one day. Suddenly, my Interpreter came up to me, bringing 2 men with him, who were local farmers. He told me “These men would like to repent of their sins and receive Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord!” I was overjoyed! I asked them if they had a local church they could attend, to grow closer to Jesus, and to get a Bible. They said they did, and that they actually attended that church the week before. So right there—in the middle of the Egyptian desert—I led these men in the Sinner’s Prayer. They repented of their sins and invited Jesus Christ to come into their lives and make them new. It was so powerful; so beautiful! I left them in the care of some dear friends who they worked for, who were also committed followers of Jesus. Please pray for them, that they may daily grow strong in the Lord. Their story is just one of many who were transformed by the Gospel. 

          We have had the privilege of ministering in the Muslim world a lot in the past two years. We know that while many are fearful of the Muslim world, we believe that the harvest is ripe and the Muslim world is desperate for Jesus. We have seen this to be true as Muslims are continuing to turn from Islam and turn to Jesus. We thank God for the opportunity to minister in the Muslim world and we thank you for your support, which is helping make miracles like this happen all around the world in places where the Gospel is needed the most!

For the Lost,
Dr. Kevin Wagner, D.Min.