Dear Friends of the Harvest, 
          I have some great news for you—Our Crusade in Ethiopia last month was sensational—Praise Jesus! Thanks so much for praying and giving so that we could go. It was probably the most obvious week of spiritual warfare I have ever been a part of. Let me tell you all about it…
          We drove 8 hours south of Ethiopia’s capital city, Addis Ababa, into a remote mountain region. The rainy season was not supposed to start for weeks; we were expecting sunshine all week long, but the Devil had other plans. From the minute we stepped onto the ground of the Crusade city, it started to rain. And rain. And rain! In fact, in 17 years of Crusade Ministry, I have never seen so much rain! So we immediately began to pray, and didn’t stop all week! And I have good news to report: Jesus won the war! In fact, He won 5 out 6 battles that week: Only one of our 6 Crusade meetings was rained out! The other meetings basically went like this: It would be raining up until the Crusade started, then the rain would stop for the Crusade meeting, and then it would start up again after we were done! This happened over and over again that week—it was truly an incredible display of God’s power in the midst of intense spiritual warfare. 

          In spite of the rains all week, we still had a large crowd of an estimated 25,000 people on the last day—Praise Jesus! I’m happy to report that at the end of every Crusade meeting, crowds flooded the stage as the Altar Call was given for salvation. Throngs of people repented of their sins and received Jesus as their Lord and Savior at every meeting! Thousands of Decision books were handed out to people making first-time decisions for Jesus—it was so beautiful! It truly was Harvest time in that city, as Hell was being emptied, and Heaven was being filled—Hallelujah!

          One of my favorite memories from the week was when our Crusade team drove me into the middle of the city’s crowded weekend market. Hundreds of local people were there, buying and selling their goods.  Our vehicle stopped. I climbed up on the top of the vehicle, almost 10 feet off the ground, and began to preach! I preached Jesus for about 20 minutes:  Creation, Sin & Redemption. As my voice thundered through the air, the angels of God supernaturally held back the rains that were threatening to ruin the moment. Hundreds of people stood silent as I explained to them the one way of salvation—through the blood of Jesus! When it came time for me to lead them in the Sinner’s Prayer, hundreds of people repented and made their commitment to Jesus! Many of them later came to the Crusade that week to celebrate their new faith in the Lord. It was great to preach in the open market—out where the people are, just like Jesus always did!

          And then there were the miracles.  At every meeting, Jesus manifested His glory by healing peoples’ bodies. I remember staring into these precious peoples’ eyes, as they retold the story of how the Devil had stolen their health, but how moments earlier, Jesus Christ—the one true God—had restored it—Hallelujah! Here are just a few of the testimonies I heard:

Ethiopia 3.jpg
  • A 35-year-old woman testified that the heart pain and irregular heartbeat she had suffered with for 4 years was healed by Jesus!
  • Another 35-year-old woman had a tumor under her breast the size of a ping pong ball, but Jesus made it disappear!
  • One 60-year-old man testified that Jesus healed his blind eyes!
  • A 55-year-old woman testified that Jesus healed her large, 2-week old, leg tumor and healed her eyes: One was damaged for 3 years, the other was starting to go the same way!
  • A 65-year-old man testified that Jesus healed his deaf ear, deaf for one month.  
  • One 40-year-old woman testified that Jesus healed her swelled knee--3 times the size it should have been! It was swollen for 1 year.
  • And a 35-year-old woman testified that Jesus healed the tumor in her uterus she had for 12 years, that caused her to have a flow of blood.

          I’ve preached many Crusades in Africa over the years, but this was my first one in Ethiopia. I can’t wait to return…

For the Lost,

Dr. Kevin Wagner