Dear Friends,

            In July 2013 our ministry partnered with many other ministries for an historic event in the nation of Honduras: 1 Nation 1 Day. We took a team of 25 to the island state of Roatan, while other ministries simultaneously did the same in each of Honduras’ other states. The entire week culminated with crusades in each of the states’ capital cities where hundreds of thousands received Christ. What is so encouraging is the sustainability of what occurred. A year later violence had decreased by 40%, school attendance was at an all-time high, the largest gang in that nation disbanded and for the first time in decades, the country had a peaceful election.

            Last summer, July 2015, we once again joined with over 2,500 missionaries to see another nation come to Jesus. This time we went to the Dominican Republic. Our team had grown from 25 to 38 and we ministered in one of the most unreached states in the country: San Juan. Each day our 38 missionaries traveled to neighborhoods to bring salvation and healing to the people. Again, this nation has experienced transformation, as political and religious leaders have testified to the transformation of their nation.

            I have good news: in July 2017 we are once again joining with over 3,000 missionaries for what will be the largest global mission outreach in history, and this time we are going to the nation of Nicaragua! Nicaragua is one of the poorest nations in the western hemisphere and is desperate for the message of the Gospel! We will be ministering in virtually every high school in our Nicaraguan state, bringing Christ to the next generation of Nicaraguan leaders. This movement will provide clean water, reliable housing and medical care. But we cannot do this without YOU!

            What is amazing about these trips is that while we go to change a nation, we find ourselves changed as well. I have never known someone who has traveled with us who has ever regretted that decision. To bring Jesus to the world is one of the greatest experiences you will ever have. We not only ask for your prayers and your donations, but we want you to come with us! If you would like to come with us to 1N1D Nicaragua, let me know by emailing me at or by signing up online at Do not miss a chance to make history with us!

For the King,

Joshua Wagner