Dear Friends,

            Nothing is impossible with God! I have just returned from our crusade in southeast Asia, which is a miracle, years in the making. For the past two years our ministry has requested visa access to this country three times, and each time we were denied by the anti-Christian government. It would have been easy to give up, but we could not, not after hearing about the city awaiting us. The pastors and churches in this city were begging for us to come. Each time our visa was denied, they were devastated, but they refused to stop praying and believing. They joined with us in fasting and praying for this crusade to come to their city. You see, this city is one of the most remote places we have ever been. Less than 1% of the city is Christian as almost every person is either Hindu or Muslim. This city was so remote that it does not have a hotel, many of the people have never seen a white person before, and almost all of them have never heard the name of Jesus.

            Six months ago we tried again to get visa access to this country, and we received the good news: our visa had been approved! I joined with the believers in this city in thanking God for this miracle and that their city would experience its first crusade ever! God had opened a door that no man could shut! What would take place over the next few days is something that has changed this city forever, as thousands were brought into the family of God. Let me share just a few of the things that the Lord did.

            After the first night of our crusade, as I was in my room reflecting on the great things that God had done, I heard a knock on my door. I opened it and saw our crusade director there along with a local police officer. As our crusade director translated, the officer told me, “I have been a Hindu my whole life, but tonight, after listening to you preach, I want to follow Jesus!” I was overjoyed on the inside, but before rushing him into the sinner’s prayer, I needed to make sure that he was serious about this decision. He seemed genuine, but the Bible encourages us to “count the cost,” and I wanted to make sure he knew what he was doing.


            Hinduism is a polytheistic religion, which means that Hindus believe in and worship many gods. In fact, Hinduism teaches that there are over 330 million gods in this world! Thus, it is always important, when ministering to Hindus, that they understand that to accept Christ is to also reject Hinduism. You cannot simply “add” Jesus to your list of gods. The very first commandment says as much: “You shall have no other gods before me.” So I asked the officer, “Are you saying that you want to turn from all other gods and serve Jesus only?” He joyfully replied, “Yes, I want to serve Jesus!” I smiled, put my arm around him, and led him in a prayer to ask Jesus to be his one and only Lord!

            The next day, at our pastor’s conference, a similar event occurred. As I was preaching, a man with orange paint all over his face walked into our meeting. I continued to preach, but I was aware of the man’s presence, as he certainly didn’t look like the rest of the pastors. At the end of our conference, I invited all of the pastors and leaders forward, that I might lay my hands on them and pray for them. During this time that man came forward. He told me that he was a Hindu priest, but that as he listened to me preach the Gospel, he wanted to be saved. I asked him if he was willing to turn from Hinduism and from being a Hindu priest and to follow Jesus alone. He said that he was, and I prayed with him to accept Christ!

            Not only did we see Jesus save, but I also personally witnessed miracle after miracle. Literally hundreds of people identified as being healed at our crusade, and we only had the time to hear from a few dozen of them on stage, but I want to share a few of these amazing miracles with you. One young boy came forward and testified that five years ago he contracted polio, and since that time he had been unable to walk. But when I prayed the prayer of healing, he realized that Jesus had healed him and he walked up on stage to testify to what Jesus had done! This was just one of many cripples who were healed at our crusade!

            On the last night of our crusade, a father brought his demon-possessed daughter to the crusade, believing that she would be freed. She was brought up on stage. She had no strength, lying limp on the ground, twitching every once in a while. I went to her and looked into her eyes, which seemed lifeless. I told her, “Say ‘Jesus is Lord!’” She shook her head violently, refusing to say it. Again I said, “Suartha (her name)—I am talking to you, not the demon—say ‘Jesus is Lord!’” This time she spat at the mention of the name of Jesus. Finally, she declared, “Jesus is Lord” and the demon came out! After this happened, she was noticeably different. She was peaceful. She smiled. I asked her father, “Have you seen her like this since the demon came?” He said that the demon came from witchcraft one year ago, and that since then, she has never been like this! Praise God! The devil is no match for our God!

            Perhaps my favorite miracle of all was a man who came up to testify holding his decision card, indicating he had just accepted Jesus as Lord. He then proceeded to tell us that for eight years he had suffered with cancer. A massive tumor, 12 centimeters in diameter, was under his left arm. He had tried many doctors and medicines, but nothing had worked…until that night! He said that when he put his faith in Jesus to heal him, that cancerous tumor immediately disappeared! Not only had Jesus forgiven this man’s sins, but He had also healed his incurable disease!

            The police officer and the Hindu priest are just a couple of examples of the thousands of people who received Jesus at our crusade, and the testimonies above are only a few of the hundreds who were healed. The pastors from this city are now in the process of following up with these converts and getting them involved in the local church. They face many persecutions and difficulties in the days ahead and so I ask for your continued prayers for all the new believers. Thank you, for your prayers and support, which has made this happen, and thank you, Jesus, that you are alive and have changed this city forever!

For the King,

Joshua Wagner