Dear Friends of the Lost:

             Well, I just got back from a great Crusade in the predominantly Buddhist nation of Myanmar, and want to thank you so much for praying for its success!  Through your faithful prayers, Jesus did amazing works there, and I am confident in the days to come that this great nation in Southeast Asia will experience a great Spiritual Awakening—it is indeed so ripe for Harvest!  I am already planning to go back to a different city there in the Fall for another Crusade, God willing.

            So I could tell you about the thousands of spiritually hungry people who attended each night of our Crusade.  Or I could tell you about the altars which were filled every night with people desperate to receive Jesus as Savior.  Or I could tell you about the incredible healing testimonies that people gave each night, when in one night alone, they went on for over an hour!  I could tell you about all that.  But instead, I want to tell you the wonderful story of Zawemo…

            I met Zawemo the first night of the Crusade.  He is about 25 years old, and was crippled in his legs.  He could not walk.  He lived a long way away—in a remote village—but a missionary friend of his who was ministering in his village persuaded him to come to the Crusade.  After the meeting was finished, I was told by one of the ushers that someone wanted to see me.  It was Zawemo and his missionary friend.  They asked me to pray for him that Jesus would heal his legs, which I did.  When he wasn’t healed instantly, I do what I often do when people aren’t healed instantly—I encouraged them to come back the next night and listen to more of the Word of God, because it’s like good medicine.  I was also informed that Zawemo was not yet a believer.  He had been a Buddhist, like many others in Myanmar, but now was not much of anything spiritually.  When I heard that, I did something a little out of the ordinary—I invited him to attend our Leader’s Conference the next day!  I just felt in my heart that it was what the Holy Spirit wanted me to do. 

          The next day, I looked for Zawemo at the Conference.  I didn’t see him in the morning sessions, and was a bit disappointed.  But lo and behold, after lunch, there he was!  He showed up again with his missionary friend!  When I spied him, I went out into the crowd and talked to him in front of everyone, welcoming him as my special guest that day.  I also asked him this question:  “Zawemo, after hearing the Word of God preached today again, do you now love Jesus Christ in your heart?”  He sat silent for a few seconds.  Then he whispered something to his missionary friend, and his friend told me these words: “He cannot say.”  It was Zawemo’s way of saying that he was not yet there, in terms of giving his life to Jesus.  

            But that was OK, because the Crusade was not yet over!  On the last night of the Crusade, there was Zawemo, sitting there listening, with his crutch in hand.  At the end of the final night of the Crusade, I was once again summoned to his side.  At that point, I saw a glimmer in his eye that shone through that chilly night in remote Myanmar, as he testified to me that now—finally—he had repented of his sins and given his life to Jesus!  He was now eager to learn more about the Lord via his missionary friend!  And not only that, he was now also partially healed as he felt his leg getting stronger by the minute! 

            This is what life is really about, isn’t it?  It’s about story after story of Zawemos all over the world!  In the mountains.  By the seashore.  Over hill and over dale—in the least reached places of our planet!  Zawemo is one of the literally millions of trophies of grace that we have seen Jesus rescue and save from Hell and for Heaven over the past 18 years.  We see them everywhere we go, and when I go to bed at night, their happy faces are the images that I fall asleep to.  I can’t wait to see Zawemo and the multitudes of others in Heaven!

            Please pray for our 2 Crusade trips this month.  Evangelist Joshua will be traveling to Cuba for landmark Crusade meetings in that needy nation that has been without public Crusades for decades.  And I will be flying into Asia once again—to a very unreached nation I’ve never been to, that has recently opened up to the Gospel.  Please pray that Jesus uses both Joshua and I mightily to win multitudes of souls to the Lord, to heal many sick, and deliver many from demons. 

            Your prayers matter.  Your prayers helped move the hand of God to save Zawemo’s soul in Myanmar just a few short days ago!  And your prayers this month will do the same for multitudes of other Zawemos in Cuba and Asia who need to be saved from Hell and for Heaven.  Thank you, friends, for your faithful praying and giving.  Without it, we could not go.  But with it, we can, and when we go, you go!  Thank you for sending us out into the least-reached places of the world to win souls for Jesus.  It is truly the most important work we could ever do, because it is work for eternity…

Dr. Kevin Wagner, D.Min.