Friends, I’ve just gotten back from a fantastic Crusade in one of the least-reached nations of Asia! This is a country filled with Muslim people who are truly excited to hear about Jesus--What a thrill to preach at our “frontier” Crusade there. Why do we do frontier Crusades? Because it’s pushing the borders of where the Good News has been preached. This city hadn’t had meetings like this before, and the bulk of the people who attended had never had the Good News clearly explained to them before. Each night, after hearing the Good News, the altar was packed with people excited to be saved! It was like this was the news they had been waiting for their whole life to hear--And for many who were saved that week, it really was. It was fantastic to see them give up worshiping false gods and embrace Jesus as their personal Lord and Savior! One woman in particular caught my eye, as she boldly sat in front of the stage on one of the nights. She was dressed all in black, in the traditional clothing of a Muslim woman. She listened intently to every word I preached about Jesus, and when the time came for the altar call, she eagerly indicated that she had made a decision for Christ, and welcomed the ushers to her to fill out her decision card for Jesus—For me, there is no more beautiful sight in the world than that!


I also spent several hours each day with dozens of the local Christian leaders from the region. I imparted to them revelation from the Bible about how to be more faithful Christian leaders, and also prepared them for the task of bringing the new believers from the Crusade into their churches: Preparing those new believers to be baptized and become fruitful disciples of the Lord.


Every night along with the many salvations, there were also great miracles. These miracles helped draw many people to Jesus as Savior, as they saw His power at work before their eyes. Many of the short video testimonies we saw at this Crusade are now on our YouTube channel. They will be so encouraging to you, and I heartily encourage you to view them here.

So friends, in a least-reached city in Muslim-dominated Asia, at a frontier Crusade, Jesus saved many souls, leaders were trained, and miracles happened. Thank you for your prayers and gifts, as they are what help make all this happen. Together, we’re part of the amazing Harvest the Lord is bringing in!

For the Lost,

Dr. Kevin Wagner, D.Min.