Hello Friends, this month I want to share with you about my ministry trip to Cuba, where we worked with many of the local pastors and churches in this communist country. Working with our main contact, Pastor Ramiro, and the churches in Cuba showed me the energetic and passionate Christians that they are. These people are hungry for a move of God in their country.

The primary part of our ministry was a 3-night crusade for the lost and a 3-day leadership conference for the pastors and church leaders. We praise God for the lost who came to Christ and for the many churches and pastors who were encouraged and strengthened to carry out the Great Commission in their own nation. I want to share with you a few stories from this week.


One night, a young woman came forward with her little daughter. This woman called upon Jesus to save her from her sins and also asked for healing. It is so refreshing to see Jesus save families and for us to easily direct them to the churches we have been working with to continue her discipleship.

As is customary, on the Sunday morning I had the privilege to preach at a Church, but my translator was being used in another church service for another member of our team. This meant that I had to preach my sermon in Spanish. While I do speak Spanish, this was a challenge for me, but by the grace of God I was able to preach about Jesus’ mission to rescue the lost as seen in Luke 15. I preached in Spanish for the first time and many people were blessed!


One of those impacted by the sermon that day was a man named Leonel (pictured). He shared with me the passion in his heart to reach the lost people in his city. He really had a desire to share the Gospel, and he asked me to remember him in my prayers, that God would help him to evangelize. It was obvious that my sermon in Spanish had had a profound impact on Leonel.

Leonel is one of many in this nation who are desperate to see Jesus bring revival to their people and this week of ministry was critical in helping the church to grow and mobilize to see a move of God take place in Cuba!

Thank you for your prayers as Jesus did great things in Cuba, and also in Ethiopia, from where my dad just returned (you shall hear his report next month). I ask for your prayers and support for our next crusade at the end of this month for Joshua as he will be conducting a large crusade in a very unreached part of Asia. Together we are changing the world for the Lord!

For the Lost,

Daniel Wagner