Dear Friends of the Lost:

God bless you, my friends! I recently returned from another Crusade in Ethiopia. Decades ago, Ethiopia had a government very hostile to Christianity. Because of this oppression and persecution, the percentage of born-again Christians sunk to 2% of the population. But the last 25 years have seen Revival hit Ethiopia, and now about 20% of the population is born-again, and this in the 2nd largest nation in Africa! Ethiopia has become one of the hot spots for Revival on the planet!


And our recent Crusade there helped stoke the fires of this Revival! Each night the crowds watched Jesus Christ save, deliver and heal many! A spirit of repentance of sin and forsaking of false gods moved powerfully among the masses. The Holy Spirit confirmed His Word every night with signs and wonders. One woman (pictured) testified onstage that she had a crippling hip injury, but Jesus healed her! Her sisters too were overjoyed and celebrated with her onstage. One man (pictured), a former athlete whose career was cut short by a crippling ankle injury 6 years ago, testified that Jesus had miraculously healed him, and proved it by running and jumping on stage! Another woman—a former Muslim who got saved at our Crusade—testified that she had chronic heart pain for 5 years, but Jesus totally removed it that night! Multiple people throughout the week testified to tumors disappearing—it was truly an explosion of healing from Heaven!

Our Leader’s Conference also went very well, as hundreds of local Christian leaders were trained to disciple the new believers. Historically, our Crusades in Ethiopia have seen over 60% of those saved get baptized by local church Pastors within one year of the Crusade—a very high percentage! We believe for at least the same here.


We want to thank you for your support in prayer and finances that helped us reach Ethiopia with the Gospel. And the work goes on. Evangelist Joshua is now finishing preaching in a least-reached part of Asia, among the Hindu, Muslim and Sikh people. And later this month, I lead a team of missionaries into Peru for a week of evangelism. Please pray for souls, and have a blessed month in Jesus…

For the Lost,

Dr. Kevin Wagner, D.Min.